A little about me
Several years ago I became increasingly aware of how much time I was spending on mobile devices, computers and watching TV. When I was out in the world I wasn’t paying attention to what was around me. I would go for a walk in the park and not remember half of what I’d seen at the end of it. I work in a cerebral job in front of a computer eight hours a day. I was always in my own head. In 2016, I made the decision to try activities that would make me more engaged in and aware of my surroundings. This is how photography came into my life in a profound way.

I have taken pictures throughout my life, but I never really thought about the process or the role of light. Light is the key in photography, but before you can master it you must observe and learn from it. Like poetry, light can convey mood and emotion. Through shadow and illumination, light changes how things look. It can alter your perspective. Now when I am out and about I am consciously looking at light and shadow, thinking about the emotion or story it tells while I try to capture it with my camera.

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